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In both instances, the same pattern holds: levels of commitment tend to be significantly lower among Muslims in Central Asia and across Southern and Eastern Europe.It is only when it comes to almsgiving and fasting during Ramadan that there are less pronounced differences between Muslims in Central Asia and in Southern and Eastern Europe and those in other regions.In Kosovo, 81% of Muslims surveyed embrace the shahadah, while 5% do not and 14% are unsure.

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Since that time, the Quran and traditions associated with Muhammad have defined five core rituals through which individuals can profess and confirm their adherence to the Islamic faith.For example, the percentage of Muslims who say they give zakat, or annual donations to benefit the poor and less fortunate, is as high in countries such as Bosnia-Herzegovina (81%), Kyrgyzstan (77%), Uzbekistan (73%) and Turkey (72%) as it is in many other nations surveyed.Five Pillars of Islam All Muslims, regardless of sect, trace their religious heritage to the Arabian Peninsula in the seventh century C.(See text box above on the Five Pillars of Islam.) To gauge the degree to which the shahadah is central to Muslim identity, the survey asked, “Do you believe in one God, Allah, and His Prophet Muhammad?” In the majority of countries surveyed, overwhelming percentages confirm that they subscribe to this belief.

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