Sacramento library speed dating

Learn to craft an effective message for your library and work with your colleagues toward crafting a message for improving statewide support for California libraries Tips/ techniques and outcomes will include: Anyone involved in adult literacy knows it’s a different beast than early or child literacy.In this preconference session, we’ll look at books, apps, and more for adult learners, as well as information on learning disabilities and student resources.

Improving our CQ makes us better communicators and more gracious actors in our increasingly diverse world. Pennylyn Dykstra Pruim, Marla Ehlers has facilitated multiple workshops on CQ among a variety of learners.The topic of mental health can be one of the most challenging issues for library staff, especially when faced with tough questions or when interacting with patrons who are exhibiting signs of mental illness.Fortunately, a handful of practical skills enable library staff to respond well to difficult situations and have resources at hand to answer just about any question or scenario that comes your way.Moderator: Daniel Torres, Daniel Torres, Office of Governor Edmund G. Participating Agencies: California Research Bureau (State Library), Sacramento County Department of Education; California Department of Social Services; California Labor and Workforce Development Agency; Ready California; Catholic Legal Immigration Clinic, Inc.(CLINIC); Los Angeles Public Library System; San Diego County Library; & Alliance San Diego.

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