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Unceremoniously dismissed in 2006 by Damien Rice, with whom she sang for seven years, Lisa Hannigan has not let the grass grow under her feet.

The singer from Co Meath has written and recorded her debut album, Sea Sew, and made an extensive tour of America with her own band as the guest of Jason Mraz.

Also this month Jason releases his coffee-table book of Polaroid photos, "A Thousand Things." What could be next for the guy of many talents?

"I loved taking singing lessons each week in high school, but I never got the part in the school play because I was so quiet!

Check out the schedule below to see when Mraz makes an appearance near you.

Lisa Hannigan recently returned from a 42-date US tour in which she supported happy-clappy Californian dude Jason Mraz, he of the tricky-to-pronounce surname.

With the release of her second album, Passenger, she is set to take the world by storm.

But behind the natural beauty is a remarkable woman who is beginning to reveal the depth of her mysteries…

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