Fart chat sites

And although he's all like 'woman don't fart or poo' and 'its rude' he always laughs when I 'accidentally' drop them lol! If I'm desperate ill wee while he's in the bath/shower but god forbid if I need a poo, I'll wait till he's out then let loose only for him to moan and groan about it in the other room!! yes yes and yes LOL i have been with hubby over 20 years , and i think i was lucky as i was only 15 when i met him and at that age farting is kinda funny as your a teenager , dunno how i would feel now tho if i was in a new relationship , probebly would be emnbarrased , but i have IBS so its hard not to do it I do leave the door open because its a habit when you have a child.

Apparently I am a one woman band when asleep, so I don't know why I try to be reserved during the day.

i have no qualms with peeing in front of him though but as for nose picking its a bit grose really - we could all do with keeping that private!

After 19 years and (almost) 6 kids and a grandchild..skip I fart!

Although considering how long he takes I'm convinced there is a door to Narnia that he's been hiding from me! His wife will just walk in while you're in the tub sit down and start a conversation... But that being said they have no issues watching porn with other people around so I just kind of assume they are ... When I was pregnant baby's dad kept asking if I was scared of poo-ing whilst in labour as I'd always told him girl don't poo.

My OH is worse than I am he's all secretive about anything like that as if I don't know what he's doing in there.

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