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The victim, from Burnley, told the court: 'I saw two figures behind me and they were wearing ski masks. The one with the axe was trying to hit me with it, aiming for my head.'I put my hands up to try and stop the axe whilst the other guy was punching in my stomach area.I kept asking: "why, I haven't done anything," but there was no communication from them.Later her car was vandalised twice and she would see Dalli driving past her house and watching her and her two children.Miss Beech received Facebook messages from 'Suzie Boyd' saying: 'Stay away from Kurt, he's married, he'll mess you about - we know you love your kids, you better watch yourself. I have done your car, you have got some nice children, next time it won't be the car.'Police gave Dalli a verbal warning ordering him to stay away from Miss Beech but he turned to another former partner, Caroline Meighan, 43, for help and she recruited Carl Johnson, 28, and his brother Liam, 20, her neighbours in Ordsall, Salford.I am a better sister, daughter, friend and partner because of it.” “After just a few coaching sessions with Lisa, I realized a dramatic shift that gave me much more confidence when interacting with women.

The 35-year-old actor, who was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, sat in the Corzo VIP section of the lounge’s patio to watch Jane’s Addiction perform.At Manchester Crown Court Dalli, from Salford, was convicted of conspiracy to murder and soliciting murder after a trial.He will have to serve a minimum of 15 years before being considered for parole.My relationship with Luigi had been OK at the beginning but things started going wrong when drink became involved and there were a lot of arguments.'His family used to say: "He's not a bad person, you should get back together" whenever we split - but it got very physical at the end of the relationship.There was no way on earth I would ever get back with that man again.'She said they eventually split up after Dalli hit her in a violent and jealous rage when a man complimented Miss Beech in their local pub.

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