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Mentally abused, enslaved and coerced into prostitution, a left-for-dead merciless Sister will take on a mission straight from God, whacking sinners in a strictly personal, no-prisoners vigilante Holy War.A career assassin becomes haunted by one of her victims following a near fatal injury to her brain.The cast, including the three female leads, spent most of the time between takes literally shivering under heavy winter coats that the wardrobe department brought along for just that. Any similarity between our story and the classic and timeless works of William Shakespeare is purely coincidental." See more » This movie is fantastic.See more » "The characters displayed in this photoplay are fictitious. I caught this movie with a bunch of other friends and have to say that getting Bitch-slapped has never been so much fun.Becoming a rogue assassin settling the score with her former mob employers, chaos and power struggles ensue.A medieval Book of the Dead is discovered in the catacombs that run under a small town strip club.When she develops an online relationship with an older woman, she learns ...

Don't go in expecting a top notch tear jerker..that's what you want, than obviously you need to do your research.

Afternoon and evening keeper and vet checks continue to indicate significant changes in April."Her back end has become significantly larger and relaxed, motion and pulsing in this area has been noted, and discharge has been observed."Ladies and gentlemen - we are close.

We are still not confirming active labor, but will state all physical signs are headed in the right direction.""All physical signs show we are ready for 'launch sequence'. As the world waits for April to give birth, the zoo told uk: “We’ve seen a lot of belly movement and baby kicks.” The park's owner Jordan Patch added that April “seemed a little bit off her normal routine”, which could be a sign that the baby is finally on its way.

However, the park will not announce that April is in labour until the baby's hooves are visible.

At this point, things should start moving along very quickly April is exhibiting the kind of 'restlessness' expected by experts soon before birth.

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